Patients are seen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Please call (562) 424-9444 to schedule an appointment.

Nail and callus care: Nail Care services are available in our office by appointment on Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment. Ask our staff for further information.

Urgent Appointments

Urgent appointments be made on a “work in” basis for problems such as recent injury, sudden pain, diabetic foot infections, and even ingrown toenails. After hours and on weekends, Dr. Smith can be reached for emergencies through the answering service at (562) 424-9444.

Work-related Injuries

Work-related injuries should be scheduled through the appropriate workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The carrier will then notify the patient of the scheduled appointment time and make arrangements to forward all x-rays and medical records to our office for review. Emergency care for any industrial injury can be rendered without the insurance company’s authorization, but authorization is required for follow-up care.

Payment Options

We accept:

  • Personal Checks
  • MasterCard/Visa/American Express
  • Most PPO and Other Insurances
  • Most Workers’ Compensation Insurances

Please contact our office at  (562) 424-9444 for specific insurance acceptance information.