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Robert W. Smith, M.D.

  1. I have complications with my diabetic foot. I saw on Dr. Smith’s website that he has had extensive experience with diabetic feet. Even though he has retired from private practice, he returned my voice mail and helped me with some information about diabetic feet. He also gave me some referrals to Orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists that he knows.

  2. I was surprised to find that Dr. Smith answered my call directly, even though he retired from private practice in December. He gave me an explanation for my foot problem and a referral. I was most appreciative.

  3. My doctor referred me to Dr. Smith for my foot problem. I called Dr. Smith and he told me that he retired from his private practice in December but maintained the phone access to help patients find good referrals. I hope all of my doctors will do that when they retire.

  4. I was a patient with Dr. Smith for many years for multiple problems with my feet and ankles. He returned my recent voice mail call with an offer to send me my previous digital records and a referral to another Orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist near me. How helpful!

  5. I have been seeing a podiatrist for over a year for what started as occasional pain in my right foot. It has progressed to a lot of pain almost constantly making walking difficult. After X-rays I was told the bones in that foot have deteriorated due to arthritis and there isn’t anything to do be done except pain management which a rheumatologist agreed. A friend of mine highly recommended Dr. Smith as he was her “miracle man”. I was so disappointed to learn of his most certainly well deserved retirement but hope a phone consultation and a referral for a 2nd opinion might be possible. Thank you very much. Sarah Allen 7114-846-6578

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